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Aerial Advertising

National Flight Centre offers a comprehensive banner towing service with banner assembly included in the towing price. We can arrange construction of custom banners with custom colours, text and logos up to a maximum size of approximately 1900 square feet.

A choice of two made to order banner options are available:

Option 1

Letter Banner with a maximum of 30 characters 7 feet high.

Option 2

Aerial Billboard

Up to 25′ HIGH x 75′ WIDE

We can do towing above a non commercial event - e.g. Wedding proposal or  above a commercial event at such as -


Banner towing is usually conducted within the greater Dublin area. It is possible to arrange towing at other locations however additional aircraft positioning, ground crew positioning and landing fees will apply.

Some popular choices include:

  • Wedding proposals
  • Birthday Greetings
  • Election Campaigns
  • Blanket Advertising
  • Sport Events


Art work for your banner logo will need to be provided in supported formats

We accept files from the following programs:

- Adobe Illustrator (Mac) – Adobe Photoshop (Mac/PC) – Freehand (Mac) – Adobe InDesign (Mac)