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ATPL Distance Learning

National Flight Centre is authorised to provide an EASA approved modular ATPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course. The course is a distance-learning, self-study programme structured in three four month modules comprising fourteen subjects in total with a total minimum study requirement of 672 hours which exceeds the minimum 650 as laid out in PART-FCL.
The course follows an online learning management system designed and operated by our training partners, Padpilot. This learning management system utilises the latest iPad and iBooks technology created by Padpilot and progresses the student through the course covering all ATPL subject matter.

A tutorial for the online system is free to view at www.padpilot.co.uk

How much will it cost?

The modular ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Course is provided by National Flight Centre at a cost of €2,320 per student and includes;

  1. NFC Instructor support and guidance throughout the training course
  2. Jeppesen Student Pilot Route Manual and Pooleys CRP-5
  3. 12 months access to the Padpilot iMRS Online Computer Learning Management System providing a learning structure and objectives for each subject
  4. 12 months access to the ‘ATPLOnline' Question Bank
  5. Mock examinations in preparation for the sitting of each ATPL subject
It is up to the student to purchase a suitable iPad, and obtain the required Manuals via iBooks. Information on this procedure will be provided before course commencement.

The initial cost of the ATPL Theory Course with NFC includes 12 months access to the Padpilot learning management system which is in line with our goal of having our students complete the course and successfully sit all 14 ATPL examinations within that time frame. (Further access to the system can be made available should the need arise and this matter should be discussed with Head of Training or CTKI at NFC).

The course study modules are as follow;


Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Principles of Flight General Navigation Radio Navigation

Aircraft General Knowledge


Instrumentation Meteorology
Operarional Procedures Performance Flight Planning and Monitoring
Air Law Mass and Balance Human Performance and Limitation
IFR and VFR Comms (2)

What do I need before before Applying?

Before commencing an ATPL distance learning course with National Flight Centre, the prospective student will possess a valid ICAO Private Pilot's Licence (PART-FCL requirement) and Class 1 Medical (NFC requirement), as well as a valid e-mail address and internet access.

Copies of PPL, Class 1 Medical, a recent passport type photograph and completed Student Application Form together with payment in full for the course must be furnished to NFC prior to course commencement. All documents may be scanned and emailed to fto@nfc.ie to be held on file and remain strictly confidential.

Please note : Results Disclosure Agreement must be signed by the student for submission to IAA at time of application to sit ATPL examinations in order that NFC may later access ATPL results

We also conduct modular courses for the issue of an Instrument rating and a Commercial Pilots License courses which involve fewer examinations. Contact fto@nfc.ie  for pricing and further information.