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Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

If you would like to learn how to fly, whether for fun or indeed to take that first step to becoming an Airline pilot - our Private Pilot License course is the way to go!

Take the first step by taking an introductory flight with one of our experienced Flight Instructors. Remember if you decide to undertake PPL training, the pace of the course is entirely up to you. You can do it full-time or indeed take a flying lesson every other weekend - our experienced Flight Instructors will guide you through the process.

Your PPL training is your foundation training to be a pilot and starting with a professional, quality training institute is an absolute necessity. You don't have to go to flight schools in the USA or elsewhere - we provide quality training, honest guidance and no hidden extras right here in Ireland!

Our Private Pilot License course is EASA Approved which means you can bring your family and friends for pleasure flights in any of the EASA member states.

Our PPL programme you will be flying one of our C152 aircraft which is the worlds most popular training aircraft. You will:
  • Complete a minimum of 45 hours of flying instruction with your Instructor
  • Pass 9 theoretical knowledge examinations set by the Irish Aviation Authority
  • Pass a Class Two medical examination with an Aviation Medical Examiner

How long will it take?

This largely depends on you and how much free time you have to dedicate to PPL Training. Some of our full-time students have completed the course in under six weeks! Training is also dependent on weather, although we do take advantage of poor weather by offering Ground School, Personal Tuition and Air Exercise briefings.

Further information can be obtained by calling the office on (01) 6282930, or by email operations@nfc.ie