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                                           KSA100 ATPL(A)
                                           Distance Learning Course

ATPL Distance Learning

Welcome to the National Flight Centre’s KSA100 ATPL(A) Distance Learning Course

            So, what is KSA100? The European Plan for Aviation Safety has brought about the introduction of updated Learning Objectives (LOs) for the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge syllabi and ground school examinations and introduces the threat and error management (TEM) concept and its application. The updated LOs correspond to today’s operational environment and ensure that candidates for the award of an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) are equipped with the knowledge and understanding relevant to the demands of the modern flight deck and current industry requirements.
          From June 2020 candidates submitting applications to the Irish Aviation Authority to sit examinations for the award of an EASA ATPL will have to undertake examinations in accordance with the LOs as defined in EDs2018/001/R. 2018/011/R and 2019/017/R.
          The National Flight Centre in partnership with Padpilot provides students with the study material and structure to prepare for the EASA KSA100 ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations. The course content is via a set of 16 digital manuals and an online learning management system (PadPilot ACE LMS) to provide 46 progress tests as a continuous assessment of the individual student’s knowledge of the subject material. To access the Padpilot course manuals, the student must use an Apple iPad or Apple Mac.

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           The NFC ATPL (A) modular theoretical knowledge distance learning course is based on 4 x modules of distance learning and supporting classroom instruction with a suggested completion period of 12 months.
The complete Padpilot distance learning course requires approximately 660 hours of individual study to complete(subject to credits) plus a further 36 hours for Maths and Physics. The student must also complete the classroom tuition and pass the ATO Examinations to be eligible for the IAA Examinations.
         Each classroom activity comprises
Theoretical Knowledge instruction, Area 100 assessment and/or invigilated Approved Training Organisation exams. This classroom instruction will take place online in the ‘virtual classroom’ or in the traditional classroom setting. This completion period of 12 months can be shortened for students who can dedicate sufficient time to complete the self-study course work in a reduced time. The examination window for the completion of all 13 EASA professional pilot exams is 18 months. The start date for the commencement of this 18-month window is the date of the first exam taken.      

                     It is up to the student to purchase a suitable iPad and obtain the required Padpilot ATPL books via iBooks. Information on this procedure will be provided before course commencement. The initial cost of the ATPL Theory Course with NFC includes 12 months access to the Padpilot learning management system which is in line with our goal of having our students complete the course and successfully sit all 13 ATPL examinations within that time frame. (Further access to the system can be made available should the need arise and this matter should be discussed with the CTKI or HOT at NFC).
 The course study modules are as follows;

  • Module 1: Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge and Meteorology.
  • Module 2: Performance, Mass and Balance and Flight Planning.
  • Module 3:  Radio Navigation, Instrumentation and GNAV.
    Module 4: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Communications and Human Performance & Limitations.  

Pre-entry Requirements

An applicant for the EASA ATPL (A) modular theoretical knowledge distance learning course must:

  • Have attained the age of 17 years
  • Hold a valid PPL (A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
  • Be able to read, write and orally communicate in the English language to a minimum of ICAO Level 4
  • Have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics (science) to facilitate an understanding of the theoretical knowledge instruction content of the course.
  • This entry standard is deemed met on successful completion of the Padpilot Mathematics and Physics course through the PadPilot Learning Management System.

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