National Flight Centre Pilot Academy is delighted to announce that we have nominated Orbis Ireland as our Charity Partner for 2023


 National Flight Centre Pilot Academy (NFC) is delighted to announce that we have nominated Orbis Irelandas our Charity Partner for 2023.

Orbisis a humanitarian organisation committed to preserving and restoring sight in the developing world through training eye care personnel and strengthening the capacity of in-country eye care institutions and services. Through a participatory and community needs-based approach, Orbis serves as a catalyst to stimulate the development of sustainable eye care services and improve the quality and accessibility of eye care in those parts of the world where the need is greatest. 

338 million people are blind or have moderate to severe visual impairment

77% of global blindness is avoidable

90% of people with vision loss live in low and middle income countries

90 Million children worldwide have vision loss

55% of people with vision loss are women and girls

 In the fight against avoidable blindness, every minute matters. The longer someone waits to be treated, the higher their chance of becoming permanently blind. The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital flies its elite eye care specialists to developing countries, where they share skills and techniques with local medical teams.

More info on Orbis:

Declan O’Shea, NFC Director said “We are excited to support Orbis in the important work they do to ensure every one has access to quality eye care, no matter where they live. To kick off our support, all sales of our Boeing 737 Simulator Vouchers, for the next 6 months, will be donated to Orbis. We are planning several aviation themed fund raising events throughout 2023 and we look forward to working with our students, partners and supply chain to support specific Orbis projects.”

​Diane Weatherup, Orbis DevelopmentDirector said “We are delighted to welcome National Flight Centre, one of Europe’s longest-established Pilot Academies, to Orbis as a CorporatePartner. In countries like Ethiopia, where healthcare facilities are scarce and poverty rampant, blind and visually impaired people constitute some of the most neglected sections of society. I want to thank everyone at the National FlightCentre for believing in the importance of Orbis’ mission and for their support and dedication. Your support will ensure Orbis can continue to treat and prevent blindness where the need is the greatest.”