NFC Launch - Personalised Watches

Personalised Watch

Flying high in the sky, achieving dreams, and earning a pilot's license – it's a significant milestone that deserves to be celebrated in style.


Becoming a pilot is a journey that demands endurance, dedication, and unwavering commitment. When a student earns their Pilot's License, it's a testament to their passion, dedication, and skill. A personalised watch complements this achievement beautifully, encapsulating the essence of their journey.


Beyond their role in timekeeping and navigation, Pilots' wrist watches play a vital role in fuel consumption calculations, a critical aspect of flight planning. Pilots' wristwatches are indispensable tools that aid aviators navigate the skies safely, efficiently, and in full compliance with international aviation standards.


A personalised watch is a timeless symbol of precision and elegance, to mark this momentous occasion.


Have your bespoke watch built to your specification, you chose the case, crystal, dial, hands, bezel and strap, please note all watches have Seiko movements. Alternatively, have a Seiko watch modified with upgraded sapphire crystal and personalised case back. Prices vary from €380 to €900 depending on your requirements.

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