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                                          The Flight Simulator

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The Flight Simulator

            We specialise in preparing qualified pilots for airline simulator assessments in our 737 flight simulator. We have built up a database of past and present sim profiles for many airlines worldwide and have prepared students for sim checks with Ryanair, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Thompson, Jet2, Hainan, Thomas Cook, Fly Dubai, Emirates, Air Asia and many others. We connect you with highly qualified industry professionals with vast experience in airline pilot simulator assessment preparation and airline pilot interview preparation.
Our strength is based on the extensive qualifications of our pilot and HR instructors and our relaxed yet professional approach to getting you the job you deserve.

            We first take you to one of our briefing rooms for a detailed pre-flight briefing outlining all the important elements of your simulator assessment focusing on common mistakes, 737 handling techniques and targeted training based on your requirements.
           We then go to the simulator and we tailor the session to suit your requirements and finish with a thorough de-briefing. Our instructors are experienced 737 CAPTAINS.
           Let the professionals help you fulfill your potential! We have been in the business of preparing candidates for airline simulator assessments for the last 7 years.
          Located 20 minutes from Dublin Airport, our fixed based Boeing 737NG simulator offers a chance to familiarise yourself with handling a jet airliner.
Not a qualified pilot and just want to fly a Boeing 737NG Simulator? We also offer a flight experience with one of our qualified airline captains to give you the chance to fly a Boeing 737NG for a fraction of the cost of a full motion flight simulator.

           Our Boeing 737 flight simulator in Dublin is a fixed based procedures trainer with 220 degree wrap-around photo realistic visuals, fully functioning MCP, Master Caution and Fire Warning system. The flight model installed is Boeing approved so all pitch/power settings are an accurate representation of the real aircraft.
We have a database of over 20,000 airports and a wide variety of weather scenarios available.

  • Do you need to prepare for your airline simulator assessment?
  • Do you need to prepare for your airline interview?
  • Do you want a jet orientation course with 737 instructor captains?
  • Do you need to prepare for your airline recurrent simulator session?
  • Do you need to prepare for your  command upgrade?
  • Are you an engineer who would like to train for engine start malfunctions?
  • Have you always wanted to fly a jet airliner?
  • Do you want quality instruction from qualified industry professionals?

          If so, our sim is for you so contact us for further information.

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