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Professional Flight Training
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   PPL Groundschool

PPL Ground School Courses

PPL Groundschool Course

            The National Flight Centre have partnered with Pooleys Academy for the provision of the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) Ground School course requirement. The Academy allows you to study at a time that suits you to prepare for the nine PPL exams. In addition to the online learning platform, Pooleys run Webinars on each of the nine subjects throughout the year. NFC also host PPL workshops for students that wish to attend in class room sessions.


               The NFC student registration fee is inclusive of 18 months access to the Pooleys Academy.

NFC Students please refer to FlightLogger for mock PPL exam and IAA exam dates.

Entry Requirements

            Students should be aware that the course requires a set of Pooleys PPL(A) manuals (except Book 5), a VFR chart of Ireland scale 1:500000, a CRP-1, a square protractor and a nautical mile ruler and that these materials are not included in the course fee, but can be purchased from NFC operations.

    NFC 5 Day Exam Preparation Course

                  The aim of the NFC PPL(A) 5 day Exam Preparation course and the students pre-preparation is to build student knowledge and understanding of the 9 x PPL(A) subjects to prepare for the IAA PPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance with AMC1 FCL.210; FCL.215. All theoretical knowledge instruction is conducted in the English language and is divided into subjects related to the current examination system.

The Course will:
• Build on the foundation of knowledge from the student’s pre-course reading assignments, tutorials and the use of the Moodle platform to teach and assess the 9 subject areas for the PPL(A) theory syllabus.
• Develop in the student an understanding of the principles of threat and error management (TEM).
• Develop in the student an understanding of the connection between various elements of theoretical knowledge and the practical aviation situations which s/he may experience.
• Achieve the required standard to be approved to sit the IAA theoretical knowledge exams for the award of a PPL(A) by passing the NFC mock Exams. 
 Please contact for the 5 day Exam Preparation course pricing.

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